Tuesday, June 7, 2011

There's No Place Like HomeGoods

When I was sick as a kid, I had a tried-and-true routine that consisted of grape flavored popsicles, The Price is Right, and Supermarket Sweep. I could have done without the popsicles, though, because all I really cared about was watching people go on shopping sprees, whether they were chaotic and physical (as when the contestants on Sweep booked it through the aisles, tossing honey hams and gallons of Drano into their carts) or measured and cerebral (can you say Showcase Showdown? I still quiver when I think about the tension on people’s faces as they struggled to decide whether to take the bedroom set and golf clubs or pass and see what was behind Showcase #2! Ah! Sweet agony!) So you can imagine my unbridled glee when I was invited to participate in a shopping spree of my very own.

The store? HomeGoods, with its refreshingly literal name (try to buy a pier at Pier1 and you will be, as Cher Horowitz might say, brutally rebuffed) and affordable décor and furnishings. As part of an expansion across the country, the haute housewares chain recently opened a spot on Columbus Avenue in Manhattan, just a brisk 50-minute subway ride from my apartment in the outer-boroughs.

The time? 8 a.m. on Saturday, June 11, which means I have to get up before 7. But it’s for a shopping spree, so, I’ll deal. Also, I get to bring a few friends, and they get to shop for free too. Which is how I’m making them get up before 7 on a weekend.

The goal? To get some much-needed décor for our soon-to-be nursery, which currently looks like this:

(I hope the baby likes three year-old campaign posters and professional camera equipment, and can sleep comfortably in a crate once used by my corner bodega to store cat food.)

The cash? $100. How far can I stretch it? The sky’s the limit (and/or probably until I get hungry for brunch).

I’ll be posting after the event about what I scored (along with a great giveaway), but for now, head over to BlogHer’s Prizes and Promotions page, where you can win one of ten $25 HomeGoods gift cards (enter by June 30th).

You guys, I'm going to make Bob Barker so proud.

Some additional details/resources:
The official giveaway rules
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  1. That. Is. Awesome. Can't wait to see your haul!

  2. So Fun! Supermarket Sweep was the best. I was always shocked when people didn't take full advantage of stuffing their entire cart full of expensive items like meat and cheese. Don't people prepare themselves for this shit? If you're going to be on a game show you gotta do your research!

  3. Meat and cheese nothing K-Tee, they need to head for the meds aisle...$30 boxes of allergy meds and they are small so you can still fit your farmer john hams in the cart.

  4. Have fun! I like Home Goods, they always have nice things at a good price. That's a nice sized room for the baby you have there.
    Many a fun sick day watching those shows at my house too. Supermarket Sweep? I always thought someone would do well if they went for razors and razor blades.